Fall 2012 Line-Up

November 8th, 9th & 10th -2012

Wow! The fall bluegrass festival has turned to be a fantastic line-up.  We will keep you informed if any new information becomes available so check back often!

Remember…Thursday is All Gospel Night!


The Grascals  –  Saturday Only

GrascalsGreat musicians will always find a way to make good music, but for great musicians to make great music, they must form a bond – one that, more often than not, goes beyond the purely musical to the personal. For The Grascals, that bond has been forged at the intersection of personal friendships, shared professional resumes and an appreciation for the innovative mingling of bluegrass and country music that has been a hallmark of the Nashville scene for more than forty years. As their releases prove, The Grascals’ rare musical empathy gives them an unerring ear for just the right touch to illuminate each offering’s deepest spirit – whether they’re digging into one of their original songs or reworking a bluegrass classic or pop standard.

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Marty Raybon  – Thursday Only

Marty RaybonHow does one describe the talent and career of Marty Raybon in only a few paragraphs? Throughout his epic journey, spanning nearly three decades, Marty has produced a remarkable list of career accomplishments including; multiple number one singles, top selling albums, CMA, ACM, IBMA, and Grammy Awards, along with scores of other accolades. Collectively, his contributions to the recording industry have sold well into the millions and he has performed literally thousands of live concerts at four corners of the earth. But what does all that really say about Marty Raybon?

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Lost and Found  –  Friday Only

Lost and FoundLost and Found was Formed in 1973, the original lineup of the Lost & Found bluegrass band consisted of bass player Allen Mills, banjo player Gene Parker, mandolin player Dempsey Young and guitarist Roger Handy. The band became quite popular playing bluegrass festivals, with Mills’ exceptional songwriting contributing much to the group’s fame; “Love of the Mountains,” recorded by the original lineup, has become a contemporary bluegrass standard. In addition to contemporary songs, the band also recorded more traditional fare, such as “The Man Who Wrote ‘Home Sweet Home’ Never Was a Married Man.” Most of their albums feature similar material, and the band continues to be a strong positive force in contemporary bluegrass music.

The band first recorded for Outlet Records in 1975, then achieved wider fame after it signed with Roanoke’s Rebel Records in 1982.  By the mid-’90s, only Allen Mills and  DempseyYoung had stayed, recruiting guitarist Berry Berrier and banjo player Lynwood Lunsford as replacements. Through out the years Lost and Found has had many talented member of the band, including Ronnie Bowman, Shane Bartley, Greg Luck, Jody King, Ben Green along with others.  As of today, the band is  made up by Allen Mills on bass, Scottie Sparks on Guitar, Ronald Smith on banjo and newest member Scot Napier on Mandolin replacing the legendary Dempsey Young who passed away December 10, 2006.

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Special Consensus  –  Friday Only

Special ConcensusSpecial Consensus is a superb bluegrass outfit in a classic vein but with more than enough modern sensibilities to attract every ear in this now pleasantly fractionating genre. The vocals are spotless, the playing as shiny as a newly minted penny, and music like this is the reason people come to love bluegrass… Special Consensus approaches this hallowed American musical form with boundless energy and an aesthetic reverence that tickles the ribs, tugs at the heart, and puts a restless two-step in boots and bare feet. The lead cut, Signs, is emblematic of the entire [new] CD, bursting with high spirits, energy refusing to sit still, precision so tight you can set your watch by it, and pure musicality so infectious that there lives nary a soul that will be able to turn its born and bred ears from tilting leeward to get a better listen…

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Seirra Hull & Hwy 111  –  Friday & Saturday

Seirra Hull Mountain ViewOf course, the evidence of Sierra’s uncommon maturity—musical and personal (one might say she embodies the perfect balance of humility and capability)—has been there all along, and won her formidable fans: by age 11, Alison Krauss had called with an invitation to the Opry stage; by 12, Rounder was expressing interest; first Ron Block and now Barry Bales have served as co-producers, and her studio bands have featured the cream of the contemporary bluegrass crop—Stuart Duncan, Randy Kohrs and Bryan Sutton this time, alongside members of Sierra’s own crack band Highway 111. Then there’s the fact that Berklee gave her the school’s most prestigious award, the Presidential Scholarship, a first for a bluegrass musician; her choice to accept it, to delay her dream of hitting the road full-time after high school in favor of expanding her musical worldview, was hardly a light one.

If ever the “child prodigy” label did Sierra justice, its usefulness has completely fallen away and a distinctive new identity emerged. What you hear on Daybreak is one of bluegrass’s few full-fledged virtuosic instrumentalist/singer/songwriters, and one who’s gracefully grown into her gifts. While her mandolin playing has always possessed clarity and fleet-fingered precision, here she attacks her solos with newfound spontaneity and depth of feeling; she calls it “playing with a point to prove.” Her singing—always straight and true—has more heartfelt power behind it, to results Bales describes, simply, as “doing the songs justice.”

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Louisiana Grass  –  Saturday Only

Louisiana GrassThe Louisiana Grass is a high energy, entertaining group that provides a mixture of hard core bluegrass with the sounds of the bayou country. A combination of good “driving” music and spontaneous humor make all of their shows truly unique. If you have never had the opportunity to catch a live Louisiana Grass show, you owe it to yourself to do so. You will definitely be entertained and will probably not want to miss another one. Seeing a Louisiana Grass show has been aptly described as sitting in the band’s living room and them welcoming you into their home.  Enjoy your trip to the bayou!

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The Harpers  –  Thursday Only

The Harper FamilyA fresh sound of  hard driving bluegrass gospel!

Gaylon, Katrina, Dalton, Dillon and Hannah are committed to their Lord and each other. The Harper Family’s top priority is to share their hope and faith in the True, Living God through songs and testimonies to anyone who will lend an ear. May the whole world hear of His marvelous works.

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Chasing Blue  –  Saturday Only

Chasing Blue

Chasing Blue came together in the fall of ’08 at a bluegrass ensemble at Berklee College of Music. Band members hail from across the United States and Canada, and now reside in Boston, MA and gig heavily in the New England festival circuit. Chasing Blue is plays a mix of original and traditional bluegrass material with unique arrangements and hard-driving style. Original material holds true to the bluegrass tradition but strong lyrical ideas and progressive musical ideas make the Chasing Blue sound.

Visit Chasing Blue’s website!



The Cobb Brothers Bluegrass Band  –  Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Cobb BrothersThe Cobb Brothers music is primarily influenced by the old time and bluegrass styles of playing. However, they love to include different genres such as swing, jazz, and celtic into our shows. We are originally from McCrory, Arkansas but now live in Mountain View where we do a lot of local performances. We have a weekly show at Brickshy’s Backstreet Theater, and are regulars at the Ozark Folk Center.



Clancy & The Rag Tags  –  Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Clancy & the Ragtags

Clancey & the Ragtags have been playing together for four years. They perform often at festivals and are a regular act at the Ozark Folk Center. They are quite diverse with offerings from Old Time, Bluegrass, Celtic, Country and Gospel. Don’t miss this talented group. They are not one of Mountain View’s most popular acts for nothing!



Clancy Ferguson



Fourteen year old Clancy is rapidly emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the Folk & Bluegrass music scene. She is great at several instruments but shines as a spectacular fiddle player! She also clogs and square dances as well as writing and singing. She began performing at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas at ten years old and received the “Musician of the Year” award when she was twelve. She has been playing since she was five as will be apparent when you see her in action!






For a special treat this fall is some of Mountain View’s very own Music Roots pickers. These guys and gals may be kids but their talent level exceeds their ages by years! The Music Roots programs throughout the year are some of the most attended shows of the season. Folks come from all over to take in the excitement and music skills of the young entertainers.


The Cloggers will also be in action and are sure to dazzle you with their high energy!

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